Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call Shaun or Hayden or email us on

  • When do I call in a builder?

    It won’t cost you anything to call Begovich Builders right at the beginning for any questions or queries you may have. Whether you have just ideas, some drawings on paper, or complete plans from your architect. We are approachable and enjoy getting involved right at the start, work out what you want, and help you get it within your chosen budget and specifications.

  • Will I have to lodge a building consent?

    No, Begovich Builders can do all that for you. Our team is experienced with the consent process, including council queries and technicalities.

  • Will you charge me for preparing a building consent?

    Not usually. Most components get collected during the design process, so the building consent application is eased.

  • Why do I need a qualified builder for my renovation?

    You may need council permits, inspections, various building materials, and a range of trades to complete the work. A qualified builder manages all those aspects, and ensures the workmanship satisfies building codes and requirements.

  • Will my project need a permit?

    You need a permit for structural work, when the living area of the home is changed, or when mechanical systems (electrical, gas or plumbing) are modified. Begovich Builders will obtain all necessary permits for your project and we are responsible for compliance.

  • Do I get a warranty?

    Yes, Begovich Builders provide a 10 year warranty on all our work. Roofing, cladding and steel structure come with a 15 year warranty (subject to location and usage conditions).

  • How do we start the process of building a home or renovation?

    The first step is to call us and arrange an onsite meeting to discuss your plans or ideas.

  • How is Begovich Builders different to other builders?

    Begovich Builders is a trusted family owned and operated local business with a combined experience of over 20 years. We have a passion for quality building workmanship and creating trusting relationships with our clients for years to come. We work directly with you from the start to finish and beyond.

    We involve you in every step of the process allowing you to be completely involved in seeing your dream home come to life.
    We appreciate what a huge investment building a new home is and often comes from years of planning and thought we customise our builds to suit your priorities.

  • How can I keep costs down?

    There are main factors involved with building including the foundations / engineering, the size of your build
    and the choice of finishing. You can switch out concrete for timber but at the end of it there is a limit on how much you can save and usually the only way to save a substantial amount and get costs down is to reduce the total size of your project.

  • How do I choose a builder to suit me?

    Your builder should be based on several factors including quality, reputation, service, experience and cost. Check out our references section to read what our previous clients have to say about Begovich Builders.

  • What does LBP mean?

    Licenced Building Practitioner LBPs are building practitioners who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings, being an LBP recognises a builder’s competence.

  • What insurance do you recommend?

    Begovich Builders are covered by public liability and we take out individual contracts works for all new builds. If you are doing renovation work, we will discuss this with you during the planning stage and work out what may be best for you.